Academy of Silversmithing
Don Norris
Beginning Silversmithing Class
Learn to make silver and gold jewelry in your home!
Everything is furnished!
You will choose a stone from hundreds, and it will be furnished to you at no extra cost!
You will design your own piece, but I recommend designing an American Indian or Southwestern
styled ring.
You will design and make several fun, fast to make, easy to make, very profitable and easy to sell
You will be supplied with all the tools, supplies, and sterling silver!
You will design and solder your sterling silver project.
You will set your stone and polish your sterling silver project!
You will learn all the basic techniques of silversmithing and goldsmithing.

I teach a different method for doing just about everything. If you are already doing silversmithing, the Beginning Silversmithing Class will still be a very informative and profitable class for you for the following reasons!

I use nothing but hard silver solder, I never use medium and only use easy for repairs.
To find out why, please visit:
I use nothing but sheet solder, and I use a lot of it by using large pieces. I do not use tiny
I spray on a liquid flux.
I teach students to use a $15.00 propane torch from Ace Hardware. It may be the worst torch to use
for silversmithing, but it is the best torch to learn how to solder. It, also, will make you
thousands of dollars of sterling silver jewelry so that you can buy more equipment!
You will be amazed at the simple technique I teach to make a bezel.
I teach that you really only need two files for silversmithing: an 8 inch Bastard file and a 1/2 round
jeweler's file.
I teach that you can use an inexpensive grinder to make a great buffer (You do need to control the
dust, and I will show you how.)
I do not heat my pickle, and I will tell you why. I will tell you about experiments with a steel bolt left in
the pickle, silver left in the pickle, and copper left in pickle for very long periods of time.
I do not use liver of sulfur.
I do not worry at all about fire scale (or fire coat).
I never use rouge to polish silver jewelry, only White Diamond and Zam. I will teach you why!

Classes are taught in my fully equipped classroom in Boulder, Colorado
with only 5 students per session.

You will be taught how to do all this by a professional silversmith with over 20 years experience. I am Don Norris and have a BS in Education and an MS in Vocational Education from Kansas State University in Pittsburgh, Kansas. I have taught in public schools for 13 years and have taught private classes for 30 years. He has won numerous honors for his jewelry throughout his silversmithing experience.

I will travel and will teach weekend classes anywhere!
Just E-Mail me!

All of these projects were made by beginners and they made these first projects during a two day beginning Silversmithing Class.
Learn Silversmithing In Your Home Town!
This Beginning Silversmithing Class is for anyone, including anyone that has never done any jewelry making or Silversmithing. We will make a ring, or pendant, with a stone in the "Southwestern Style" that will include soldering on leaves.
I supply everything,
students do not need to bring anything
to my classes!
If you would like me to come to your town
to teach, E-Mail Me!
Below are some examples of rings made by Beginning Silversmithing Students.
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More Beginner's Projects
Class Schedule
More Beginner's Projects
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More Beginner's Projects
More Beginner's Projects
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More Beginner's Projects
Projects Made During a class in Anoka, MN
Projects Made During a class in Apple Valley, MN in 2007
Projects Made During a class in Anoka, MN
in 2006
Projects Made During a class in Apple Valley, MN in 2007